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We maintain a private pool for the benefits of our neighborhood.  It is sized for our neighborhood, so we have to keep access limited so that the residents can enjoy it.  Please ask your children not to open the gate for people who are standing at it and say they left their key at home.  If someone does not have a key and you don’t personally know they are a Quailwood Estates resident, they need to leave and return with their key.  I know everyone wants to be helpful and understands the frustration of forgetting your key, but please have your children ask an adult at the pool to handle the situation if that arises so they aren't put in an uncomfortable situation.  If you are at the pool and feel like there are people who have gained access and do not live in our neighborhood, and are uncomfortable confronting them yourself, please call or text Angie Tomas (VP Pool) at 816-810-7879 who will come to the pool if available.  In general, pool season is Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Only dues-paying Quailwood Estates residents are permitted at the pool. Guests of Quailwood Estates residents are welcome but must be accompanied by adult residents.  The Quailwood Homes Association has entered into an agreement with the Olathe Police, in which non-resident trespassers will be prosecuted. All residents noticing non-residents using the pool should feel free to ask violators to leave, contact the pool representative, or to call police to have them removed.  We have a grill at the pool.  Anyone is welcome to use it at any time.  There is no need to reserve it.  You will need to bring your own propane tank and be sure to clean it when you are finished.

  • Enforcement of the rules is the responsibility of all Quailwood residents.

  • Swimming alone is not allowed.

  • Everyone is responsible for their own clean-up. Trash receptacles are provided. Please turn down umbrellas at the table before you leave. 

  • Glass bottles or containers are not allowed in the pool area, nor are they to be disposed of in the pool trashcans. 

  • Resident children under the age of 12 must be supervised by a parent or guardian.  Guardians must be a Quailwood resident 14 years of age or older. Parents are responsible for the safety and are liable for the actions of their children.

  • Chewing gum, chewing tobacco, or food products are not allowed in the water.  NO sunflower seeds or water balloons are allowed in the pool area at all.

  • Tobacco products may not be used in the fenced area.

  • Diving is not permitted.

  • No running, bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, or pets are allowed in the fenced area. Large flotation devices are prohibited.

  • Swimsuits must be worn for swimming. Infants must wear swim diapers. No one should enter the pool with a communicable disease.

  • All furniture must remain on the pool deck.

  • Abusive or profane language will not be tolerated
  • Loud music is not allowed as our pool is surrounded by neighbors' houses.

  • All guests (non-Quailwood residents) must be accompanied by an adult Quailwood resident (18+) host when using the pool. Please be considerate of other residents and do not abuse guest privileges.  To clarify this rule; if you have a 14-year-old and an 8-year-old, it would be within pool guidelines for your 14-year-old to take your 8-year-old to the pool.  Another example: If there are multiple 12-year-old Quailwood residents, who are at the pool without adult supervision, this would be allowed as they are all residents of our subdivision.  It is not acceptable for your 12-year-old, while old enough to be at the pool alone, to bring guests.  It is also not allowed for your 14 or 16-year-old, who could watch a younger resident child, to have guests unless an adult from your family is there with them.  Also, a common question is, "Can our Nanny take our kids and their friends to the pool?"  The answer is YES as long as the Nanny knows the pool rules and will act as an adult homeowner would in enforcing the pool rules on all children they are supervising.


Sunday – Saturday  10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Friday – Saturday open until 11:00 pm by request only

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