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Stuff You Should Know

HOA Dues

Dues are $400 and are due by March 1 every year. This money maintains our pool and entrance and helps with some social activities every year.  If you have any issues, please contact the HOA Board and we will work with you.  The HOA board is strictly volunteer.

Restrictions Highlights

  • Any property changes visible from outside need to be submitted via the Architectural Request form before any work begins.  This includes in-ground pools.

  • Homes should be earth tone colors, but again, submit your plans before you paint.  In general, browns, yellows, greys, greens, and whites are acceptable.

  • Fences are limited to 5' tall, cannot extend beyond the back of the house and may not be chain link style (you’ll see all types of fences, so it’s not too restrictive).

  • RVs, boats, and trailers may not be parked permanently in the driveways.

  • No large antennae such as ham radio towers are permitted.  Small T.V. satellite dishes are allowed.

  • You are supposed to keep at least 1 shade tree in your front yard, two if you have a corner lot.

  • You are responsible for the trees along the sidewalk of your property. We have a lot of neighbors that regularly take walks, so please keep them trimmed to provide adequate clearance. The City of Olathe code requires 10' above the sidewalk and 13 '6" above the road.

  • In general, be considerate of your neighbors. Keep your fences and property maintained and adhere to all Olathe city codes.

  • See the Documents pages for the entire list.  You can use the Contact page to submit any questions you may have.

General Info

  • Definitely register an email with us to keep yourself updated with activities and any special neighborhood notifications.  We occasionally send email updates about activities and information for the HOA.

  • You will need to sign up as a member to the website. Subscribe to the Member to Member Chat section because we use it to announce pool info, share info about lost pets, social activities, and general information we want to share with the whole neighborhood. 

  • The contact info on this website will only send a message to the HOA board and is private.

  • Pool Season generally runs Memorial Day to Labor Day.  You will get an email from the board with access instructions as the season draws near.  You can also ask questions about it by sending an email to

  • Trash and Recycling information can be found by doing a web search for “City Olathe Trash Schedule.” It’s a long URL.  Pickups are Fridays, so have your bins to the curb Thursday evening.

  • We take care of the common space, the entrance area (143rd and Greenwood), and the pool.  You are responsible for everything in your yard.  This includes the trees along the sidewalks.

  • If you’re new to Olathe, the city requires a back flow check each year for any in-ground irrigation systems.  There are many options, but let us know if you’d like any recommendations.  This check must be done by a city certified company.

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